C&T MOBS  is an independent Content & Talent agency located in Miami with offices in México and Venezuela. It was born with DNA based on experience, a vast network of connections, resources in Latin America, Brazil & the U.S.; With a keen ability for trend spotting, It aims to provide the media industry with high quality concepts paired with innovative business models.



We have long standing relationships with Talent Power Players in Latin-America and the US, we also identify young candidates and we nurture the group of professionals that will breakthrough media in the near future.

Content Development

We identify and develop amazing content and pair it with the right media partners to create financial sustainable models. By doing that we are able to deliver projects that makes creative, financial and commercial sense, while remaining highly attractive for the targeted audience.

Content Distribution

C&T MOBS is strategically located to supply content for any platform with its strong partners, it has a deep understanding of the market and it relies on non replicable relations with the biggest & most influential media companies in the region.


Sergio Pizzolante

Managing Partner

+1 (305) 908-3850

Sergio Gomez

Creative Director

+1 (305) 908-3850

Maria Somoza

Marketing Coordinator

+1 (786) 557-2592



“Is a set of Skills. It means to be able to spot trends ahead of time and pair them with the right partners to maximize its reach and impact, bringing together creators, innovators, “entrepreneurs” financiers, consumers & brands.”

– Sergio Pizzolante

120 NW 25th Street Suite #303
Miami, FL 33127


Av Amsterdam 35, Colonia Condesa
Delegación Cuautemoc, México DF 06140


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